If you are experiencing buffering, lagging or skipping while streaming Watch NRL, we recommend checking your internet connection. A minimum internet speed of 7.5Mbps should reduce any streaming interruptions that may be occurring.

If you are using streaming via a web browser, you can adjust the quality of your stream. This manual approach can help resolve buffering issues by reducing the internet speed required to deliver a stream. This solution is not available on Mobile Apps or on a Safari web browser.

Note: If you choose this method to limit buffering, the quality of your stream will be adjusted depending on the bitrate you choose (i.e. the lower the bitrate, the lower the streaming quality).

  1. Selected the settings 'Cog' symbol in the top right-hand corner of your screen
  2. Select 'Quality' and choose an alternative/lower bitrate
    1. To find out your current internet speed, and help determine what quality bitrate you should choose, run an internet speed test.
  3. You may need to try a few different bitrates to work our what's best for you

Note: For more playback issue solutions, check out our page General troubleshooting tips for Watch NRL