The Watch NRL video player has multiple functions to allow for your optimal viewing pleasure. Our video players utilise adaptive streaming technology - meaning that our content network will deliver to you the best possible resolution based on your connection. For good quality streaming you need a strong, consistent connection - and whilst a speed test might provide an indicative speed, these are not always representative of a consistent connection over a long period of time. In saying that, you can check your speed here.

Video Player Functionality

Fast Forward/Rewind

Rewind and Fast Forward by 15sec blocks at a time. Alternatively you can drag the video toggle to where you would like to watch. 

Change Speed

Toggle between different speeds from: Slo-mo > 1.5x > 2x > Normal

Go Live 

If you rewind or pauses your Live match you have the option to jump back to live streaming by clicking the LIVE button.

Changing Video Quality 

You can change the video quality of your stream for optimal performance by clicking the Settings icon in the top right corner of your video screen and adjusting your bit rate and video quality.


To check your UDID, click the Settings icon in the top right corner of your video screen and then click Info to display your UDID. If requested, please copy and paste the code and supply it the Customer Care team.