Your download settings are in theĀ App SettingsĀ page under the main menu. Here you can do the following:

  • Set whether the app will only download when connected to WiFi
  • Determine the download quality (and therefore size) of the downloaded content
  • Set the amount of storage space on your device that can be used for downloaded content

If you are experiencing trouble with your downloads you can troubleshoot by:

  • Checking to see you have the latest app installed by following these instructions
  • Deleting the app off your device and reinstalling it
  • Ensure your download preference is set to WiFi and you are connected to the internet. This can be checked in App Settings
  • Ensuring there is sufficient device storage available for you to download your match or show. This can be checked in App Settings
  • If you find you are still having issues, please contact Watch Customer Care by logging a ticket below